Husband Kitchen
Husband Kitchen Husband Kitchen Husband Kitchen

Husband Kitchen

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The Husbands had a cramped and dated kitchen that badly needed updating. They had already created a pass through that allowed a view into the living room. A wall remained providing a defined back door entrance and utility area, but it made a small kitchen seem even smaller.

The addition of customized unique details makes each kitchen project we do shine. Normally driven by a need to find creative solutions, we innovate and engineer to provide the best use of space balanced with our clients’ visions. This project was no different.

The back wall is a workhorse area. It houses a pantry, recycling, laundry and an easily accessible but hidden spot for the family dog’s food. By removing the back entrance wall and locating the fridge adjacent to the back door still defining the access we not only allowed for a more open concept space, but also the addition of a much desired island. Our clients are wine lovers and wanted a place to display and store their bottles in a unique fashion. We provided a narrow set of open shelving on the backside of the island that can house at least 20 bottles of their favorite vintages. As food and wine are normally paired up, cookbooks find their home flanking the wine. The working side provides for storage and the microwave. The homeowners also wanted seating at the island so we developed integrated supports which save friends and family knee trauma normally associated with traditional supports.

We located space for a kitchen office along the pass through wall with access to outlets and files but when cleared away can double as a serving/staging area when hosting family dinners. The tall unit at the end keeps out of view, but close at hand, the broom & dustpan along with other cleaning essentials.

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