Tablet House Coffee Table

By admin

We build many unique pieces of custom furniture, but sometimes there are intangible elements that come into play and make the piece even more exceptional. This custom designed and built coffee table has 2 drawers, shinto style legs and a natural finish. It was commissioned by an Aussie fellow who is now living in New Westminster and brought a little of Australia with him when he and his family emigrated…..Sydney Blue Gum and Jarrah wood. The history behind the reclaimed wood he provided has an interesting personal story and this table will be a treasured reminder of the days spent “down under”.

As I mentioned, the wood species is a mix of Sydney Blue Gum (top) and Jarrah (legs). Both are native to Australia. Both are very hard and dull tools quickly. These woods were used widely and for many different applications – most utilitarian in nature….pallets, flooring, crates etc. So not surprisingly the wood our client brought us was salvaged flooring from a building called the Tablet House. A Circa 1909 building built by CSR (Colonial Sugar Refiners) for the manufacture of sugar tablets. The flooring was removed,de-nailed and refinished in 2002 as part of a major heritage renovation. Our clients secured the leftover wood in their Sydney garage, and before relocating to Canada in 2004 they decided at the last minute to add it into the container of possessions to shipped here . It would seem that the wood was destined for yet another garage while awaiting its fate… The Tablet House Coffee Table