Upcoming projects

By admin

Seasons Greetings!

We’ve got a potpourri of cool projects at the moment ranging from custom furniture to some Pilates equipment and almost all within our Lower Mainland neighborhood of New Westminster!

A custom coffee table that the homeowner has some native Australian wood (Jarraha) for us to use – its fun to use wood that isn’t widely available and see the character of the wood reveal itself

Sliding closet doors with exposed hardware possibly from Barn Door Hardware (www.barndoorhardware.com)

Basement paneling and cabinetry with a contemporary style

Home office cabinetry

A custom mirror frame to spruce up a ultra basic bathroom in a condo.

We’ve also been commissioned to build a Pilates High Barrel and Low chair for a client in Edmonton

After the festive season we’re excited to start work on a kitchen, media area and mantle in a character home now located in Queen’s Park that had been moved from its former New West location. We’re currently working with the homeowners to refine the design and I think these projects will be stunning when we’re done. I can hardly wait.

Cheers for now