Deb & Steve’s Kitchen

By admin

We completed Deb and Steve’s kitchen at the beginning of July 2010. They had outdated (and dare I say it –  rather ugly) kitchen cabinets.

Deb was hitting a milestone birthday – I won’t say which one- and Steve needed to have the kitchen finished in time to host a big bash in celebration. We finished with time to spare and were honored to be invited to share in the celebration.

We were given a specific mission by Deb & Steve the “list man” himself…. Create a true face-framed style of  kitchen cabinetry that suited the house. There was a list of things to incorporate, and with some creative engineering and vision we managed to include most every item on the list into the design. The sink and dishwasher traded places , but the back door swings in and we had to allow for the door under the sink to open when it was open (which is much of the summer). As this was a small space, every nook and cranny had to be utilized. We were able to use a fancy German lower corner hardware, that Deb calls “the peanut”, to access the dreaded Corner of Darkness. The microwave sits back into a cavity to allow it to sit flush with the rest of the uppers,  and beside it sits a custom spice pull-out unit. Oh and did I mention that the whole shebang has a flip up door to conceal the micro when not in use?  There is even what we like to call the “sneaky cabinet”. We managed to utilize a 4″ deep by 18″ wide hollow at the back side of the fridge. Deb had a calendar that we had to make fit. And it did…..just! This cupboard also houses all the day to day papers, pens, files and stationary bits. It could also store canned goods or a secret stash of chocolate!

We were really excited to take on this project. It had the makings of creative and engineering challenges as well as the opportunity to showcase Paul’s talent. A kitchen in this style, with the amount of considered detail and thought addressed to each component, is a project that does absolutely require a custom solution.

In addition, it was a pleasure to collaborate with Steve and Deb on this project. Their exacting preferences and commitment to their vision really drove this project from the start. We enjoyed striving to meet their expectations and appreciated their confidence in us to provide them with the kitchen on their dreams.

.............Paul and Brandy exceeded ALL of our expectations. Deb & Steve....